Kelly Graham

Kelly became a full-time resident of Park City in 2007. She has a background in art, and creativity has always been a passion of hers. In 1999, after completing her certificate in Interior Design, she was offered an internship at a firm in Los Angeles. This allowed her to explore the commercial side of design. Kelly continued schooling in Graphic Design and later earned her BS in Public Relations at The University of Utah. From there she began to work in advertising. Her brief experience in this field taught her the importance of branding and direct marketing. Kelly spent some time at home to raise her 2 boys before entering the workforce again. It was after she had been asked to help remodel her friend’s kitchen that she found herself back in the wonderful world of design. One project led to the next one and she found herself doing what she loves, That is helping clients to achieve their “dream home” goals, either primary residence or vacation home. In her free time, Kelly enjoys hitting the slopes with her boys and playing golf in summer.

I believe in Co-Creation

I believe that less is more